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You could get access to ALL THE FEATURES by making a small investment of only US$12.95

Here is a summary of all what you will get:

- Get access to 1:1 videos for social media (default 16:9)

- Access 720 and 1080 HD formats

- Access VIP Background Images EVERY MONTH

- Access MP3 Music Tracks EVERY MONTH

- Access TTS (Text to Speech Voices), Mic recording and Audio File uploading

Text To Speech: 28 Human Voices / 11 Languages

4 TTS US Voices (2 Female + 2 Male)

4 TTS UK Voices (2 Female + 2 Male)

4 TTS Australian Voices (2 Female + 2 Male)

1 TTS Spanish Female Voice

1 TTS Portuguese (Brazil)

4 TTS French Voices (2 Female + 2 Male)

2 TTS French (Canada) Voices (1 Female + 2 Male)

1 TTS Italian Female Voice

2 TTS German Voices (1 Female + 1 Male)

1 TTS Dutch Female Voice

1 TTS Swedish Female Voice

1 TTS Turkish Female Voice

1 TTS Japanese Female Voice

1 TTS Korean Female Voice

and much more... (see below)

How Much For All?

For The Price of a couple of coffees, You can get ALL the features of the NEW Sketch Maker PRO!

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Regular Price US$37.00 Montlhy (PRO PLUS - VIP)

Pro Plus Version (PRO PLUS - VIP)
  • Online Access: 1 Account
  • Create 96 Videos per day (4 videos per hour)
  • Create 1080 and 720 HD Videos
  • Create 16:9 and 1:1 HD Videos
  • Store 20 Sketch Videos (Cloud)
  • Create up to 20 slides per project
  • Access 50 SVG Characters
  • Access 199 Animated Path SVG Images
  • Access 50 VIP SVG Characters
  • Access 90 VIP Animated Path SVG Images
  • Access 10 SVG Characters (monthly)
  • Access 20 Animated Path SVG Images (monthly)
  • Access 20 Backgrounds
  • Access 10 VIP Backgrounds
  • Access 5 VIP Backgrounds (monthly)
  • Access 10 Music Tracks
  • Access 5 Music Tracks (monthly)
  • Upload own Images/Music (20Mb)
  • Record your own voice (mic)
  • Upload your own voice audio files
  • Access 28 Text to Speech Voices / 11 Languages
  • Support and Upgrades
  • 30 Day Money Back
  • Personal License**
Sketch Maker PRO PLUS (VIP) Monthly - CLUB

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**Upgrade to Commercial License later (Optional)


Just give me access to the regular version, I don't care about extra features

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I aknowledge that I'm not interested in getting the PRO PLUS version and I'll lose this chance to get it at this low price.